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Lynden Manor is a licensed Assisted Living Residency with the State of Washington and adheres to all the applicable laws and regulations pertaining to such licensing. Lynden Manor provides only Limited Nursing Services to its Residents, supervised by a Licensed Practical Nurse on Lynden Manor's staff. All cares and services are overseen by a Registered Nurse Consultant. Nursing staff are on duty 24 hours daily for personal care needs, which are also offered on a fee-for-services basis. 

Services for the resident listed under limited Nursing Services include but are not limited to Medication Management, Bathing, Dressing, Grooming, Protective Oversight, Food Service, and Toilet Care.

Other Personal services are available on a fee-for-service basis.  These include: meal tray service (other than for illness reasons), additional housekeeping, and personal laundry.

AIMs Program

We are proud to introduce a new program at Lynden Manor.  It is called the AIMs (Aging in Motion...Successfully) program.  Our AIMs approach consists of physical, occupational, and speech therapy services combined with specialized fitness programs and continuing education, all conveniently scheduled here at Lynden Manor.  We have partnered with Christian Health Care Center and Infinity Rehab to provide this service.  Their therapists use personalized screenings to assess your current level of function with physical fitness, balance, daily living tasks, and memory. They then work together with our residents to meet health and fitness goals.


It is our goal to make our residents as healthy as they can be to live a fuller life.  It all helps with mobility and balance, to relieve pain, and restore strength.  It has been proven that residents who engage in a comprehensive health and wellness program often achieve a higher quality of life and maintain independence longer.  Another advantage is that if by chance a resident is prescribed some physical, occupational or speech therapy, it can all be done here at Lynden Manor. No longer will our residents need to be escorted next door during bad weather, the therapists go to them!       


Death with Dignity Act


After careful consideration, Lynden Manor has adopted a policy to NOT participate under the Initiative 1000, the "Washington State Death with Dignity Act" at this time.  Under the policy, Lynden Manor employees, independent contractors and volunteers may not assist a resident in ending the resident's life on Lynden Manor premises.

Dementia Special Care Center

Lynden Manor provides a Dementia Special Care Center for persons who have a dementing illness.  Located on the first floor, this wing is secured and alarmed at all entrances and exits.  The dementia process often makes functioning in everyday life very threatening and overwhelming.  Our Special Care Center is designed to provide an enviroment that is sensitive to the particular needs of those residents.  Lynden Manor has 29 private apartments in the special care center ranging from 323-370 in square feet.  Each apartment has it's own private bathroom, emergency pull cords and view.  

Adult Day Care and Respite Care

As part of the continuing service to the community, Lynden Manor offers Adult Day Care and Respite Care upon availability.  For those families who need to have some special time for shopping or vacation, they may leave their loved ones in our care for a few hours or a few days depending on the need.

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