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Statement from Lynden Manor regarding COVID-19

May 8th, 2020

We are grateful to announce that Lynden Manor has been cleared of COVID-19 since April 17, 2020. Lynden Manor had a total of 14 residents test positive for the virus with 2 passing away with it, 3 residents with notable symptoms, and 9 residents that remained mostly asymptomatic.

Due to current requirements from the CMS, CDC, State and Local Health Departments we are asking that family still not visit residents until restrictions are lifted. We will inform all loved ones when these requirements are changed. If families chose to go beyond these requirements, we ask that you use all distancing and masking recommendations. (Link #2 below)

If family or friends choose to do any type of group activity of any kind the local Health Department is asking that you not visit face to face for at least 4 weeks. This is because you may be a carrier for 2 weeks before symptoms may arise plus an additional 2 to 14 days to clear yourself if you are an asymptomatic carrier.

Please take responsibility for yourself and others and assume that you and anyone around you could be a carrier without any notable symptoms. Risky exposure to a resident may result in the local Health Department asking that a resident not return to Lynden Manor. The biggest concern is the added risk to other residents and the community of Lynden Manor as a whole. Keep in mind that one person’s unsafe judgement puts everyone at risk.

We want to thank you for your understanding while we work closely with the local Health Department to keep your loved ones safe. We need your help and vigilance to continue in this effort.


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Looking for a new home or a home for your loved one can often be overwhelming. Take advantage of the many years of experience and longevity that represents the management team here at Lynden Manor.

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Events & Activities

From a morning stretch class to Friday happy hour, we aim to have activities that will entice the interest of every resident! Offering three to four activities a day you or your loved one is sure to find a reason to get out and mingle with fellow residents.

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What's For Dinner?

With our “restaurant style” dining, residents can go to meals in our beautiful dining room when they are hungry. Residents enjoy the home style meals here at Lynden Manor and all the choices available to them throughout the day! We do not ever have buffet lines as each resident has their order taken and brought to them by a server. Want to try a meal? We invite you to come and tour and have a complimentary meal on us!

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